Let’s meet the winners of the 2nd corporate challenge round!

We present to you the winning SME’s of the 2nd PITCCH corporate round! These are the ones you should keep an eye on! 


Mondi wanted to find a partner who could find value-added utilization of their fly ash in advanced materials and that has a technology to compact it to improve its transport and handling at the customer.

They teamed up with AC Biode, which presented a solution that was already proven in an operational environment, it upcycles coal ash and biomass ash into absorbent or antibacterial materials, such as filters, soil improvement, wastewater treatment, CO2 capture, capture oil from oil spills, and more.They have already successfully completed two projects in Japan and Taiwan and are very excited to work for the European with Mondi.

Both companies will now start working together to accomplish their common goal.

They counted with the support of BEST (Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH) Technology Center.

BEST provided a wide range of services to the project, which can be broadly divided into the categories of support to researchers and facilitating analytical laboratory testing equipment (for material characterization).

AC Biode

30’ Bio:
Location: Luxembourg
Foundation year: 2019
Sectors: Chemicals, Energy, Environment
Technology: Advanced Materials
Website: www.acbiode.com/circulite





Signify wanted to associate with a company that could produce new materials with a bio origin, a “truly organic” biomaterial that could be used to 3D print luminaires. They chose ColorFabb BV, with the support of CHILL Technology Center.

A company from the Netherlands that is offering various PHA-based building blocks to create both durable and heat resistant PHA grades mimicking commodity plastics. They use machine learning to create iterations and have commissioned a state of the art compounding line for mixing the PHA building blocks in house.

Their partnership will write a new chapter in the 3D printing materials history, made by biobased and sustainable materials.

CHILL (Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs) provided a wide range of services to the project, which can be broadly divided into the categories of support to researchers and facilitating high-tech laboratory testing equipment.

ColorFabb BV

30’ Bio:
Location: Netherlands
Foundation year: 2011
Sectors: Chemicals
Technologies: Advanced Manufacturing Advanced Materials Digital technologies Industrial Biotechnology Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things
Website: https://colorfabb.com/



Electrolux was looking for a partner to develop an iOS and/or Android APP to use the camera of a smart device to detect and recognize a set of food objects, arranged in random order, and estimate the relative quantity in number or size. They established their collaboration with AIgecko Technologies SL.

This is a company from Spain, that presented a digital technology that can be integrated with any existing software or APP or Appliance, where artificial intelligence gets all nutritional information on your mobile phone, such as food type detection, single dish recognition, several dishes recognition, ingredients information, nutritional information and many more.

With the collaboration established by these two companies, you’re one picture away from getting all the nutritional information about your food.

AIgecko Technologies SL

30’ Bio:
Location: Spain
Foundation year: 2020
Sector: Healthcare
Technologies: Digital technologies Artificial Intelligence
Website: www.aigecko.com


AIGecko has been selected as the winner of the Electrolux Challenge proposing the solution best matching the corporate’s requests. In spite of this, unfortunately the collaboration between Electrolux and AIGecko could not initiate under the PITCCH framework due to legal matters.


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