What organisations we welcome

The PITCCH network is constantly expanding and welcoming ecosystem support organisations. With ecosystem support organisations, we refer to entities that provide support to businesses at national, regional or local level, like regional authorities, regional and local offices for Industry and entrepreneurship, network organisations (EEN members, Clusters), chamber of commerce, local business support offices, associations, accelerators/incubators.

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Challenge Journey

Tentative timeline for the 3rd challenge launch
Call for corporate
20 December – 14 February
1 March
Call for solution
1 March - 12 April
12 April – 3 May
Pitch Days

May 2022
OUR Current Ambassadors

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Get latest updates

Access the latest Open Innovation opportunities that can be of interest to your ecosystem of SMEs/start-ups and that can evolve in growth and innovation opportunities for them and ultimately for your region.

Raise awareness

Contribute to raising awarwness about the project and share relevant communication materials, promote challenges on your channels, contact SMEs and start-ups and help them match with big corporation.

Become an Ambassador

Already doing or planning to do some of the following activities, inform us at info@pitcch.eu


Promote the PITCCH Corporate Challenges in your website and/or communication channels (newsletters, social media, etc.)


Promote PITCCH and/or the PITCCH Corporate Challenges at one of your events addressed to your ecosystem;


Identify and directly invite SMEs/startups to apply that turn to be the successful candidate for the Open Innovation collaboration.

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