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PITCCH is a European network where Big Corporations seeking excellent technology meet SMEs and Startups capable of developing ground-breaking solutions. The collaboration between different types of companies, with different technological capacities, can be seen as an important driving force to the competitiveness of the industry at large.

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Digital security and connectivity
Artificial intelligence
Life Sciences technologies
Materials and nanotechnology
Micro/nano- electronics
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Whenever Big Corporations need help they launch challenges hoping to find solutions that are up to the task, then a shortlist of capable SMEs and Startups, have the opportunity to engage with Big Corporations with the support of Technology Centres.
Big Corporations submit challenges to the platform.
SMEs and Startups apply to be solution providers.
SMEs and Startups engage with Big Corporations with the support of Technology Centres.
Big Corporations select the challenges winners and they work together to develop and execute the projects.

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An open innovation platform that promotes collaboration between Big Corporations, SMEs and Startups with the help of Technology centres
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Interview with Paula Galvão

What role do you think open innovation does play in today’s world?   The concept of open innovation means that a company finds both internal and external paths to market by exchanging ideas, knowledge and information with other companies. It consequently creates new forms of collaborations to reduce financial risk and allows companies to achieve … Continued

Corporate Challenges Launch

Corporate Challenges Launch   PITCCH Corporate Challenges Launch event is a great chance to find unique and ground-breaking opportunities for SMEs and startups that work with advanced technologies. The event is being held virtually on January 28.   In this 2 hour session, you will hear a talk by Henry Chesbrough named after his book … Continued

Interview with Repsol

Watch the interview with Silvia Pérez and Natalia Ruiz from Repsol who shared Repsol’s previous experience in open innovation cooperation with SMEs and big corporations, the main advantages and barriers as well as the requisites when it comes to finding a new SME to collaborate with. This interview is moderated by Michela Mattaloni from International … Continued

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