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The PITCCH project aims to promote Open Innovation by building a European Network where technology centres facilitate the establishment of structured collaborations between big corporations as technology seekers with SMEs as technology providers.

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European priority areas and global challenges

Climate, energy and mobility
Digital, industry and space
Culture, creativity and inclusive society
Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment
Civil security and society
Micro/nano- electronics
Industrial biotechnology
Advanced materials
Advanced manufacturing
Digital technologies
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PITCCH process for the 2nd cut-off explained

We have recently launched the second stage of the PITCCH project and welcome companies to submit a technological challenge. See how the PITCCH process is organised.
Call for corporate challenges. 15 June – 10 September.
Call for solution providers. 1 October - 22 November.
Eligible SMEs and Startups engage with with Technology Centres. From November 22.
Big corporations select winners and start the collaboration project with the support of technology centre. January 2022.
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PITCCH platform is an effective and convenient tool to find your business partner. The big corporations can launch a corporate challenge free of charge. SMEs and Startups can register and respond to active challenges. Meanwhile, technology centres can follow challenges, offer their expertise to SMEs and participate in a collaboration project. We also welcome other organisations that would like to accelerate technological collaborations in your region or community.

Get inspired and become the next challenge winner

We have thrivingly started the first PITCCH collaborations with 7 SMEs across Europe. Read below about our previous round of challenges.
Eye See - Glasses for remote control By Aptiv & Dropslab Read more
Smart Digital Transformer Management Solution By EFACEC & Izum Read more
Open Data systems for building environment By SPIE & Bandora Read more
"Plastic-free" recyclable packaging for liquid detergents Procter and Gamble & CO2BioClean GmbH Read more
Bio-indole for gasoline octane booster Be Repsol & EV Biotech B.V Read more
"Climate-friendly process steam supply” in energy technologies By ENERGINEERING& Siemens Read more
Tile grout as a ceramic in advanced materials By Haydale & Saint-Gobain Read more
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one-to-one session big corporations
How to schedule 1:1 sessions with Big Corporations?

In this new round of corporate challenges’ submission proposal, SMEs and Startups are welcome to book 1:1 sessions with Big Corporations! If you would like to understand in more detail any aspect of the challenges launched by Big Corporations (Electrolux, Mondi, Repsol, SGS, and Signify), you have now an opportunity to clarify your doubts.   … Continued

Technology Centres Webinar
Webinar: “The role of Technology Centres in the PITCCH network”

We are inviting Technology Centres to join our 4th webinar: The role of Technology Centres in the PITCCH network. PITCCH has designed a central role for Technology Centres in the Open Innovation network.   Technology Centres are facilitators of structured collaborations between Big Corporations and SMEs/Startups. They can provide services to SMEs/startups to facilitate them … Continued

New corporate challenges are launched

PITCCH project has just launched its second round of corporate challenges. If you missed our event yesterday you can watch it on our Youtube channel. Let’s have a look at new unique open innovation opportunities in advanced technologies for SMEs and Startups for the EU Members States or Associated Countries. This time the winning SME … Continued

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