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EV Biotech B.V, won the corporate challenge “Bio-indole for gasoline octane booster” in industrial biotechnology launched by Repsol.


Founded in 2018 by Linda Dijkshoorn, Sergey Lunev and Agnieszka Wegrzyn, EV Biotech is set to transform the development of Microbial Cell Factories. By digitalizing microorganisms, EV Biotech is able to accelerate strain engineering for the efficient and sustainable production of biomaterials. Combining in-house expertise with synergistic use of computational modeling together with strain engineering facilitates, significantly reducing the development time.


Throughout the strain development process, its approach increases the chances of success, production levels, financial forecasts, and time to market. By utilizing Microbial Cell Factories, the company aims to change product development towards more sustainable means.


Repsol wanted to find a partner to develop a new family of more efficient Bio-additives alternatives to Bio-ethers and EV Biotech became their best solution provider.


EV Biotech looks forward to working with Repsol in facilitating the transition towards sustainable sourcing of indole for the biofuel industry.


“Through this project, we aim to realize our combined ambition of improving CO2 impact of petrol consumption and work towards developing a high-efficiency octane booster”


30′ BIO:


Location: Netherlands.
Foundation year: 2018.
Sectors: Agriculture, Agrifood, Chemicals, Pharma.
Digital Technologies, Industrial Biotechnology.
Website: www.evbio.tech 



CO2BioClean GmbH & Procter&Gamble


CO2BioClean mission is to transform CO2 emissions into biopolymers usable in everyday’s life.


Their USP is CO2 usage by highly innovative technology as a modular solution at the sites of the CO2 producers.


The company won the corporate challenge “Plastic-free” recyclable packaging for liquid detergents” launched by Procter&Gamble. P&G aims to create an innovative decentralised value chain that makes use of CO2 as feedstock for the production of high-performance biopolymers.


CO2BioClean‘s solution consists of a material formulation with three main building blocks to be realised through compounding extrusion. It is suitable for paper coating machinery, compatible with paper stream, and is plastics-free.


Both companies are now working together towards a more sustainable future.


30′ BIO:


Location: Germany.
Foundation year: 2019.
In which sectors does the company operate? Chemicals.
What kind of technologies does the company work with?
Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, Biopolymers.
Website: www.co2bioclean.com




Haydale won the “Tile grout as a ceramic in advanced materials” challenge launched by Saint-Gobain.


Saint-Gobain was looking for a partner to collaborate on developing a similar texture tile grout that has a mechanical & fungi resistance of a ceramic tile, due to the new aesthetic perspective required by the market.


Haydale is a global technologies and materials group that facilitates the integration of graphene and other nanomaterials into the next generation of commercial technologies and industrial materials. With expertise in graphene, silicon carbide, and other nanomaterials, Haydale is able to deliver improvements in electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, as well as toughness through its state-of-the-art functionalization.


As part of the project, the team will reformulate CeramycGuard to produce a protective tile grout. This product could be used as a replacement for conventional grouts and would deliver a biologically impervious grout surface that is resistant to tarnishing and microbial growth. The end product would be more durable than typical grout, behaving more like an extension of the tile surface. In addition, the product could be used for in-situ repair to repair and protect existing grout meaning a full renovation or refit would not be required.


30′ BIO:


Location: United Kingdom.
Foundation year: 2014.
Sectors: Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Oil & Gas.
Website: www.haydale.com




IZUM won the corporate challenge “Smart Digital Transformer Management Solution”, launched by EFACEC.


EFACEC was looking for a partner to co-develop a cost-effective and reliable IoT hardware for remote monitoring, to digitalize all oil-immersed transformers, allowing a faster advancement of smart grids to cope with the energy transition challenges.


30′ BIO:

IZUM, founded in 2013, is a company with vast experience in different industrial areas, like IoT and Robotics.They are offering a device for monitoring and preventing maintenance for industrial equipment, optimizing its duration, production cycles, and longevity.

Location: Portugal.
Foundation year: 2013.
Sectors: Electronics, Professional services
Technologies: Advanced Materials, Digital technologies

Website: www.izum.io




DROPSLAB won the corporate challenge: “Eye See Glasses – Remote Support” in advanced manufacturing.


APTIV was looking for an SME that was able to create the Eye See Glasses, where the multi-interaction became possible by increasing response quality and customer satisfaction.


Dropslab, a company from Luxembourg, is a provider of industrial augmented reality (AR) solutions. Their mission is to empower frontline workers to achieve their tasks faster and in higher quality with Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality Guidance, and Remote Collaboration.


They introduced the AR Assistance Platform as a matured and sustainable solution for APTIV, which can be used for current and future remote collaborations and support scenarios.


30′ BIO:


Location: Luxembourg.

Foundation year: 2018.
Sectors: Aeronautics & Space, Machinery, Manufacturing, Medical devices, Process manufacturing, Utilities, and Oil & Gas.
Technologies: Advanced Manufacturing, Digital Technologies, Micro and Nano-electronics, Smart Manufacturing.
Website: www.dropslab.com



Bandora Systems won the corporate challenge “Open Data systems for building environment in digital technologies”, launched by SPIE.


SPIE was looking for an SME to co-develop a model to create useful interactions between building systems (“use data from one system to inform another”), and Bandora met all the requirements and expectations.


Bandora develops a SaaS that pushes commercial buildings to operate to their utmost efficiency, i.e. energy consumption. Bandora is hardware agnostic, there so is able to integrate with any BMS, sensors, or other IoT system in the facility. Facility managers save time in their daily routines, willing to keep maintenance updated, and increase equipment’s lifetime.


The company was founded in 2017 and provides a 24/7 Virtual Facility Manager, seamlessly integrated with BMS, that pushes commercial buildings to operate efficiently, keep spaces comfortable, improve energy efficiency and extend equipment lifetime.


30′ BIO:


Location: Portugal.
Foundation year: 2017.
Sectors: Construction and Building Sectors & Energy.
Technologies: Digital technologies.

Website: https://www.bandorasystems.com/




ENERGINEERING LTD, won the corporate challenge launched by Siemens: “Climate-friendly process steam supply” in energy technologies. Energineering solutions is a small consultancy company. Their team has 10 years of experience with industrial projects’ strategic design that takes into account the feasibility and investability of the proposed plans.


Presently they have EU and UK activities with a network of distinct collaborating partners and established alliances with research institutes and leading technology innovation companies. Since 2017 they have been ICP Certified Industrial project developers for Investor Ready Energy Efficiency IREE(R) Projects, and since 2019 they have been proud members of the EEFIG for Industry Work Group of DG ENER.


ENERGINEERING team has a deep understanding of industrial processes and opportunities for thermal efficiency.

Based on their approach for industrial heat pumps they are now working closely with the SIEMENS ENERGY experts, to develop a sustainable and financeable solution and business model for the industrial market, that will accelerate their transition to sustainable growth.

30′ BIO:


Location: United Kingdom.
Foundation year: 2020.

Sectors: Energy & Process Manufacturing.

Technologies: Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Mechanical Compression, Super Heated Steam.
Website: www.energineering.gr

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