The PITCCH Booklet

The PITCCH project is coming to an end soon, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We have just released the PITCCH Booklet, a collection of results and recommendations, based on our experience over the last few years.


In this document, you’ll find a portfolio of brokerage services, case studies of successful collaborations, lessons learned on how to prepare a challenge, the most effective business and collaboration models, and how to manage intellectual property in open innovation.


But that’s not all! The booklet also gives us a sneak peek into the future of the PITCCH network. It’s an incredible resource for anyone interested in open innovation, and we highly recommend downloading it.




– Executive Summary

– Chapter 1: The PITCCH project
– Chapter 2: The PITCCH Open Innovation Platform
– Chapter 3: The Challenge
– Chapter 4: PITCCH Brokerage services portfolio
– Chapter 5: Case studies
– Chapter 6: Intellectual property in Open Innovation
– Chapter 7: The future of the PITCCH network

– Resources


Download the booklet now!



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