How is the process organised?

  • Registration. Join the PITCCH Platform and create a profile.
  • Application. Propose your solution to one of published challenge. The process is smooth and easy.
  • Eligibility selection. The PITCCH team assess the eligibility of SME proposals.
  • Final selection. Big corporations select the best applications and invite you to pitch your solution. PITCCH assists you with preparation sessions.
  • Collaborate with technology centre. Find Technology Centre that fits your need s and get support services. 
  • Start of collaboration. Go forth and start your collaboration!
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What benefits will my company obtain by
joining the PITCCH Platform?

Win a financial award

The winning SME receives a financial award of €5k from the Big corporation to implement the innovation activities.

Get free brokerage services

PITCCH technology centres offer brokerage services for the winning SME or Startup.

Process facilitation

Meeting with the winning SMEs to assess their needs to carry out the project.

Technology advise

Assessing technical needs or bottlenecks that might arise and provide consultancy on how to operate (competences check).


Cooperation agreement based on DESCA model and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Technology positioning

Supporting and advising on strategies for post-project strategies (single/joint exploitation, market segmentation, licensing)


Support to facilitate and assist parties in reaching amicable agreements.


On IPR management, exploitation strategies, and pitching.

ongoing collaborations

Get inspired and become the next challenge winner

We have thrivingly started the first PITCCH collaborations with 7 SMEs across Europe. Read below about our previous round of challenges.
Food recognition app By AIgecko Technologies SL. & Electrolux Read more
A“truly organic” printing material By ColorFabb BV & Signify Read more
Fly ash as feedstock to specialty materials By AC Biode & Mondi Read more
Eye See - Glasses for remote control By Aptiv & Dropslab Read more
Smart Digital Transformer Management Solution By EFACEC & Izum Read more
Open Data systems for building environment By SPIE & Bandora Read more
"Plastic-free" recyclable packaging for liquid detergents Procter and Gamble & CO2BioClean GmbH Read more
Bio-indole for gasoline octane booster Be Repsol & EV Biotech B.V Read more
"Climate-friendly process steam supply” in energy technologies By ENERGINEERING& Siemens Read more
Tile grout as a ceramic in advanced materials By Haydale & Saint-Gobain Read more

What criteria do my company need to comply with to respond to a challenge?

  • Be an SME or Startup according to EU definition
  • Be a legal entity established and based in one of the EU Member States or Associated Countries.
  • Be a single company, not a consortium.
SME or startup shall be working in one of the following advanced technologies: Manufacturing
Advanced Materials
Micro and Nano-electronics
Industrial Biotechnology
Digital technologies

You can find the Rules and Conditions for SMEs here.

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