Past Challenges

Have a glance at our past challenges.
Creating value through biotransformation of ‘aroma waste’ Create value from the ‘aroma’ by-product that is generated during their manufacturing process and normally incinerated as waste.
Aerosol sensor to detect harmful pesticide concentrations in vehicle cabins Develop a sensor to detect critical pesticide concentrations inside the cabin of tractors and other agricultural vehicles and which can distinguish between regular aerosols (e.g. water droplets) and hazardous pesticide aerosols.
Exploring new Energy Aggregation Solutions for Galp – Peer 2 Peer energy trading Develop a digital solution for supporting the implementation of novel business models related to DER aggregation, such as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) electricity trading, that would add value to Galp’s current portfolio.
Truly organic 3D printing material New “truly organic” biomaterial which can be used to 3D print luminaires
Production of Bio-Butadiene from Ethanol This challenge will allow obtaining a bridge technology to obtain bio-butadiene from ethanol without significant production chain modifications.

Associated open innovation opportunities

We leverage the major results of concluded and existing initiatives to go further and establish the first European network facilitating the uptake of open innovation. Know more