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Open Innovation: Benefits of collaboration with SMEs.

Open Innovation: Benefits of collaboration with SMEs During the last decades, the concept of open innovation paradigm has proven its value to enhance collaboration between big corporations and SMEs. While big businesses are often engaged in open innovation, various studies show that many SMEs and Startups find OI collaborations challenging. At our webinar, Michela Mattaloni, … Continued

Covid-19 and how Open Innovation can help to save the world

We all are experiencing a pandemic that has completely altered human behaviour and lifestyle. During these days, people turn to technology to deal with their daily tasks. Smart working, remote studying, online shopping and services have become the new normality. This social isolation has separated us physically but technology has united us. After dealing with … Continued

PITCCH network. The first big corporations that chose to be a part of this universe

It is with great pride that PITCCH announces the first  Big Corporations to actively participate in the platform.   Who are the first  Big Corporations to participate in PITCCH? The PITCCH project is already working on promoting connections and collaboration between well–established corporations and multinationals, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), to bring quick and innovative solutions to the market. … Continued

The Open Innovation paradigm: turning challenges into business opportunities

The Open Innovation paradigm: turning challenges into business opportunities Open Innovation holds the power to change the way business works. This webinar is a ticket to embark on your journey into the future! Learn more about Open Innovation and the PITCCH Network, a project dedicated to the creation of the European Open Innovation Network, where … Continued

The Open Innovation paradigm and the PITCCH journey

Innovation is the key to success. There is more than one way to reach it. Companies can choose a closed innovation paradigm, where they, themselves, address all their inventions and difficulties and where knowledge flows internally. Often companies choose this path because they believe it is the best way to be self-sufficient. However, they can … Continued

Moving from technology-based networks to value chain-based networks

How to improve the effectiveness of cross-border networks of ATI technology centres?   “The workshop will focus on how networks of technology centres can be more effective in satisfying the needs of SMEs by implementing a value chain approach, being more reactive to market needs and including actors over the entire value chain.”- European Commission … Continued