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one-to-one session big corporations
How to schedule 1:1 sessions with Big Corporations?

In this new round of corporate challenges’ submission proposal, SMEs and Startups are welcome to book 1:1 sessions with Big Corporations! If you would like to understand in more detail any aspect of the challenges launched by Big Corporations (Electrolux, Mondi, Repsol, SGS, and Signify), you have now an opportunity to clarify your doubts.   … Continued

Technology Centres Webinar
Webinar: “The role of Technology Centres in the PITCCH network”

We are inviting Technology Centres to join our 4th webinar: The role of Technology Centres in the PITCCH network. PITCCH has designed a central role for Technology Centres in the Open Innovation network.   Technology Centres are facilitators of structured collaborations between Big Corporations and SMEs/Startups. They can provide services to SMEs/startups to facilitate them … Continued

New corporate challenges are launched

PITCCH project has just launched its second round of corporate challenges. If you missed our event yesterday you can watch it on our Youtube channel. Let’s have a look at new unique open innovation opportunities in advanced technologies for SMEs and Startups for the EU Members States or Associated Countries. This time the winning SME … Continued

2nd PITCCH Corporate Challenges Launch

We are happy to invite you to the launch of the 2nd round of corporate challenges of the PITCCH project. We are going to unveil the next 5 technological challenges launched by Electrolux, Mondi, REPSOL, SGS and SIGNIFY. They will take the stage to present their corporate challenges, talk about their open innovation corporate strategies, … Continued

The 2nd round of corporate challenges. What’s new?

The second round of corporate challenges has already started. What’s new? This time the PITCCH consortium will select a total of five Challenges that will be published by the first week of October.  We made the process more smooth and easy and now SMEs will go through only a one-step application process.  What are the benefits for SMEs? The … Continued

Siemens energy about PITCCH Project

Henning Wiegandt from Siemens Energy shared their experience about the PITCCH project and the ongoing collaboration with ENERGINEERING LTD in the presentation organised by in a presentation organised by Steinbeis21. This presentation is available on the PITCCH Youtube channel. Below you can read the English translation.   “The goal of Siemens is to decarbonize the steam supply … Continued