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PITCCH welcomes other organisations

Boost technological collaborations of your region and shape the European industry’s future towards more sustainable growth and innovation. The PITCCH Network welcomes public, non-profit or private organisations. PITCCH invites regional and local authorities, offices for industry and entrepreneurship, associations, clusters, accelerators, networks and other communities to join the PITCCH Platform. Being part of the PITCCH Network, with … Continued

Call for corporate challenges is open

The call for corporate challenges is open. Big corporations are now welcome to submit their Corporate Challenges on the PITCCH Open Innovation Platform. A Corporate Challenge is a technological request from Big Corporations to develop or improve a new product, process or service. The Challenge proposal shall be relevant to one or more of the … Continued

The PITCCH Network invites Technology centres on board

The PITCCH project aims to increase the competitiveness of European industries by building a Pan-European Open Innovation Network where technology centres act as intermediaries to facilitate the establishment of structured collaborations between big corporations as technology seekers with small and medium-sized enterprises as technology providers and this way accelerate the market uptake of advanced technologies … Continued

Coordination of EU networks for Industry: Moving towards value chain-based networks in an Open Innovation setting

Coordination of EU networks for Industry: Moving towards value chain-based networks in an Open Innovation setting   Access to open collaborative ecosystems and new models of business collaborations are key to the competitiveness of the European industry. Coordination among existing initiatives and platforms is important to exploit complementarity along the innovation cycle and orientate companies, … Continued

7 innovation and technology podcasts

In the last few years, Open Innovation has been booming quite a lot among many organizations.   This concept is a business paradigm that promotes collaboration between people and external partners outside the company to reduce financial risk and to get competitive advantages.   Today we have many inspirational sources, authors, and content creators that … Continued

Creating ‘win-win-wins’ in an open innovation ecosystem: Lessons from TekDelta

While PITCCH is the first European-scale open innovation platform, it is not the first of its kind. Founded in 2016, TekDelta is a similar joint initiative for open innovation, aimed at increasing the amount of Dutch high-tech startups and scaleups, striving to create win-win-wins. TekDelta does this by offering startups access to potential business partners … Continued

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