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PITCCH final event will take place on March 7th, 2023, in Stuttgart, Germany.


The purpose is to present results, share good practices from PITCCH collaborations, and provide a stage for companies to debate open innovation strategies and a panel for funding agencies to discuss support programs. 


The event host will be, Tom Fleming, director of TF Creative Consultancy, and a leading international expert on the creative economy.




9:15 Opening session

By Michela Mattaloni the PITCCH project coordinator and also representatives from EISMEA and DG GROW.


9:45 Keynote by John Fahlteich, CEO ate KETMarket Open Innovation Ecosystem
“The European Innovation Ecosystem – How Open Innovation supports EU SMEs and Industry in realizing new ideas”.


10:10 Learning from PITCCH Open Innovation Good Practices

Invited Speakers:

 – Ronald Maandonks from Signify; 

 – Bert Habets CEO from ColorFabb; 

 – Jordi Lopez from Enginzyme;

 – Andrew Burke from Eternis;

 – Anastasios Vasilopoulos from Energineering LTD;

 – Fabiana Fantinel from CO2bioclean.


10:55 Coffe break & Exhibition of SMEs


11:25 Panel debate “Making Open Innovation work: perspectives from different stakeholders”

 – Moderator, Giacomo Damilano from Rina-C.

Invited Panellists:

 – Silvia Pérez Díaz from Repsol Technology Lab;

 – Ivo Zeller from Steinbeis 2i GmbH;

 – Matthias Rapf from the University of Stuttgart;

 – Sigvald Harryson from iKNOW-WHO;

Stephen Clulow from NineSigma.


12:20 Panel debate “Funding Open Innovation: private and public opportunities”

 – Moderator, Ron Oren from TNO. 

Invited Panellists:

 – Alex Chalkley from Venturenomix; 

 – Ruperto Calatrava from Startupbootcamp;

 – João Fernandes, Investment Analyst and Project Manager at Bright Pixel Capital.


13:15 Closing Session “The Future of PITCCH”


13:30 Networking lunch & Exhibition of SMEs


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Participants BIO´s


Tom Fleming


Tom Fleming









Dr. Tom Fleming is a renowned expert in innovation and creativity. He founded the Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy with a global presence, offering research and consultation services to public and private sector clients, with a focus on sustainable development. Tom’s recent projects include a study on the creative enterprise for the EU and Gulf Cooperation Council, a global audit of culture and science for the Wellcome Trust, and reports on the creative and innovative profiles of 60 Asian cities.


John Fahlteich 


John Fahlteich









Dr. John Fahlteich was involved in multiple EU Open Access Pilot Lines at Fraunhofer FEP and coordinated the FlexFunction2Sustain project. He is actively shaping the European Open Innovation Ecosystem to support SME and industry product/tech development.​


Anastasios Vasilopoulos



Anastasios Vasilopoulos is co-Director at ENERGINEERING LTD, with 15 years of experience in industrial energy efficiency projects. He specializes in reducing and reusing “waste heat” and has expertise in R&D, technical risk management, and creating pay-as-you-save industrial projects. Anastasios and his team patented a thermodynamic process and are developing a modular heat-pumping system for industrial applications.


Fabiana Fantinel



Fabiana Fantinel is a highly accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience in R&D at prominent chemical companies like BASF, LyondellBasell, and Capgemini Business Consulting. She holds a PhD in Natural Sciences and has also completed her MBA. Currently, she is the Founder and Managing Director of CO2BIOCLEAN and InnoEXC.


Ronald Maandonks



Ronald Maandonks holds the position of head of global partnerships at Signify, based in Eindhoven. His responsibilities include managing innovation partnerships with public and private partners, setting up university collaborations in Europe, Asia, and the US, and maintaining strong networks with companies, universities, and government entities.


With a background in physics and two master’s degrees in business innovation and business valuation, Ronald has extensive experience in the electronics industry. He is a proponent of open innovation and cross-fertilization between industry, SMEs, and university/research institutes, and contributes to various advisory and strategy committees.


Bert Habets


Bert Habets is a passionate leader at colorFabb with over 25 years of experience in retail and manufacturing. He questions conventional wisdom, values success, and advocates for leadership development and corporate social responsibility. As CEO of colorFabb, he expands the company’s global presence through partnerships and sustainable material innovations. Habets is known for his strategic vision and ability to drive growth and profitability throughout his career.


Jordi Lopez



Jordi Lopez is the Director of Business Development at EnginZyme, which he joined in 2020 to make chemicals more sustainable and cost-effectively. He has 15+ years of experience in technical and managerial roles, including process development at Saint-Gobain and Solvay and innovation/venture capital, marketing, and business development in Belgium and the USA. He holds a chemical engineering degree and an MBA.


Silvia Pérez Díaz


Silvia Pérez Diaz









Silvia Pérez Díaz is an Open Innovation Expert at Repsol Technology Lab with 17 years in the energy sector. She holds an industrial engineering degree and a master’s in Gas & Electricity. With expertise in R&D, technological risk management, and engineering support, Silvia brings both a local and international perspective to her role. As a mentor in start-up and research programs and an independent expert for the European Commission, she is a strong advocate for innovation through collaboration.


Matthias Rapf



Matthias Rapf is an environmental engineer and research scientist who has been working at the University of Stuttgart since 2003. He has collaborated with various industrial partners on developing strategies for managing resources, creating recovery technologies, and assessing their sustainability. Currently, he is leading the EU-funded “FlashPhos” Innovation Action, which involves 17 partners, 13 of whom are from the industrial sector and have commercial interests.


Sigvald Harryson



Dr. Sigvald Harryson is an experienced academic and entrepreneur with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and disruptive leadership. He holds a Doctorate in Economics from Göteborg School of Economics and a Magna Cum Laude from St. Gallen University. Dr. Harryson founded two companies, iKNOW-WHO and INNOVENTUM, which solve innovation challenges in sustainability and make emobility sustainable, respectively. He has worked in R&D at Tetra Pak and consulting with various companies, taught at universities and business schools, and solved 36 extreme sustainability challenges with MNCs over 23 years. Dr. Harryson conducts research on Leadership of Disruptive Innovation in Co-Creation and has published in reputable publications. He has a large LinkedIn network and close ties with dozens of CTOs and CSOs. Dr. Harryson’s main teaching experience is on leadership, ecopreneurship, co-creation, and innovation.


Stephen Clulow


Dr. Stephen Clulow is the President of NineSigma, Europe, and Chief Delivery Officer of NineSigma, Europe & North America. Dr. Clulow has extensive experience in connecting major corporations with innovative startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a range of fields, including healthcare and high technology.


Ron Oren



Dr. Ron Oren has more than 12 years of experience supporting innovation across various sectors through strategic analysis, technology trend analysis, and ecosystem development. Currently, as Innovation Policy Advisor at TNO, he focuses on enabling governments to deploy innovative solutions to address societal issues and drive economic growth. In past roles, he championed data sharing, platforms, and Digital Twins for system-level innovation. Dr. Oren’s accomplishments include contributing to the UK’s National Digital Twin program, developing a strategy for a Digital Innovation Hub, and advising governments on achieving innovation impact.


Alex Chalkley


Alex Chalkley









Alex Chalkley is a seasoned funding advisor and successful entrepreneur with experience establishing multiple funding consultancies in the UK and Germany. He is credited with growing Granted Consultancy to over 30 employees before its exit to Ryan Group, a US-based venture capital firm, in 2022. Currently, Alex works with clients to secure R&D grant funding, offering expert support in strategy, application, and training. He is also exploring new opportunities in the Open Data Domain.


Ruperto Calatrava



Ruperto Calatrava currently serves as the Program Director of Open Innovation at Startupbootcamp. He brings with him a strong background in Engineering and Innovation Management, having previously worked in strategy consulting, venture capital, and business development for a CleanTech startup, in addition to starting his own business.

As Program Director, Ruperto is responsible for leading the end-to-end implementation of the Open Innovation programs at Startupbootcamp. In this role, he facilitates and enables collaboration between startups and corporations to achieve successful outcomes.


João Fernandes










João Fernandes is an Investment Analyst at Bright Pixel Capital, a €300M fund focused on cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, and retail B2B software startups. He brings a diverse background, including experience at a touchscreens manufacturer, leading a nanomedicine program, fostering innovation at Portugal’s largest retailer, mentoring startups, managing a Blockchain accelerator, and founding a pet accessories brand.





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