Let’s meet the winners of the 3rd corporate challenge round!

winners of the 3rd corporate challenge round

We present to you two of the winning SME’s of the 3rd PITCCH corporate round! These are the ones you should keep an eye on! 



Eternis was looking to establish a partnership with an SME or startup that could create value from the ‘aroma’ by-products that are generated during their manufacturing process and incinerated as waste.

They will work with EnginZyme. Their technology platform uses their proprietary enzyme engineering and immobilisation to develop stable heterogeneous catalysts which are then operated in continuous flow fixed bed reactors. The purpose is to produce sustainable chemicals.


30’ Bio:
Location: Sweden
Foundation year: 2014
Sectors: Chemicals
Technology: Industrial Biotechnology
Website: www.enginzyme.com





PITCCH promotes collaborations between Big Corporations and SMEs and Startups through targeted and concerted actions, which take in consideration the needs of all businesses involved. PITCCH Open Innovation Network announces MetGen as winner of one of the 3rd round of corporate challenges.

Repsol was seeking an SME or startup that could offer a technology that converts lignin.

Repsol will now work in a Proof of Concept together with MetGen. MetGen solution are METNIN PRODUCTS: bio-based materials used in packaging, resin and foam products with demonstrated environmental benefits with respect to retail available ones. The technology is lignin agnostic and provides the missing link in the value-chain between crude lignin and high value lignin fractions for specific end user products. This technology enables a cost-efficient conversion of lignin into a wide variety of building blocks with specific molecular sizes.


30’ Bio:
Location: Finland
Foundation year: 2008
Sectors: Chemicals, Environment
Technologies: Advanced Materials, Industrial Biotechnology
Website: www.metgen.com





Galp was looking for a digital solution that would allow them to implement a novel business model for Distributed energy resources. (DER) aggregation, such as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) electricity trading.
They teamed up with Hedron d.o.o., who proposed PeerGrid: a flexible P2P trading platform focused on renewable resources. The platform is designed so anyone can join in and participate in it with less friction as possible, but also allow trading any renewable resource with any fiat currency.

Hedron d.o.o.

30’ Bio:
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Foundation year: 2017
Sectors: Consumers Goods/Products, Financial Services, Measurement, Professional Services
Technologies: Digital Technologies, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data
Website: https://hedron.cc/

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