Technology Centres: The world of innovation is waiting for you

The key role of Technology Centres

The call for the 3rd round of PITCCH Corporate Challenges is over and SMEs have already submitted their proposals. Big Corporations will now start the process of selecting the challenge winners to start their collaboration projects.


Technology Centres have a key role in our Open Innovation Network, as they can now review the proposed solutions for each challenge and offer their services to SMEs in order to support future collaboration projects.


Besides establishing new connections with big corporations and SMEs, engaging in product and service development and offering their brokerage services, Technology Centres can act as intermediaries and facilitators in providing services to co-develop or deliver better solutions to the big corporations.


So, by joining PITCCH, Technology Centres can:


  • Broaden their professional network. Scale out the business community benefiting from the Pan-European Open Innovation Network;
  • Showcase their value. Get engaged in new product development and impact the societal challenges;
  • Offer services. They will be able to offer their brokerage services to SMEs that respond to the selected challenge;
  • Spread the word of mouth among your community and help the PITCCH Network to bring together the best professionals.



How to offer your services to SMEs?


After signing up for the PITCCH Platform, Technology Centres can explore the Challenges section, read the submitted proposals and propose a meeting with the SMEs to offer their services.


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