Siemens energy about PITCCH Project

Henning Wiegandt from Siemens Energy shared their experience about the PITCCH project and the ongoing collaboration with ENERGINEERING LTD in the presentation organised by in a presentation organised by Steinbeis21.
This presentation is available on the PITCCH Youtube channel. Below you can read the English translation.


“The goal of Siemens is to decarbonize the steam supply and to design the solution in a climate-neutral way. This is precisely the reason why we called our request a Challenge. PITCCH project was assisting us right from the definition of the Challenge to the final steps.  


We were then able to open this Challenge via the PITCCH platform, to create our profile to briefly introduce ourselves to our providers, share what we do and where we would like to go.  Together with the PITCCH consortium, our Challenge was advertised on various channels such as LinkedIn where other interested companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups could apply to be a solution provider.


We had a corresponding intake of our proposal and received various offers from different solution providers, which we evaluated and decided which solutions would suit us the best. 

With two of them who were particularly attractive to us, we then went into the next phase, the so-called pitch day, where they presented their solution and we got engaged in a discussion to forge a bond of trust with the future provider.  


Meeting the respective provider at the pitch day session was gave us many insights. The personal discussion with the solution providers helped us to evaluate the competencies of the solution providers.


After the respective evaluation, we chose a winner to further develop the solutions and we are now in the process of setting up the corresponding cooperation agreement to then work out a detailed solution in the subsequent phase (six months). 


In general, we were very happy about the permanent project support where we were also guided accordingly, and a competent contact person from the technology centre who is always available to clarify any open questions and moderate the project. 


For us, this is a very good opportunity to realise the presence of relevant ideas all over the world even if this particular project is established on the European level.  The process of long-term supply is also a significant emitter of emissions in industry and this must also be addressed in the future. We should work on solutions for this issue and that’s why we are looking for cooperations with other companies to jointly support our customers in becoming climate neutral.”



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