PITCCH welcomes other organisations

Boost technological collaborations of your region and shape the European industry’s future towards more sustainable growth and innovation.

The PITCCH Network welcomes public, non-profit or private organisations. PITCCH invites regional and local authorities, offices for industry and entrepreneurship, associations, clusters, accelerators, networks and other communities to join the PITCCH Platform.

Being part of the PITCCH Network, with more than 400 partners, other organisation can access the Corporate Challenges, promote open innovation opportunities among their network, find new European partners among SMEs, Big corporations, and Technology centres and showcase their value.


Explore benefits:


Engage in European collaborations

Join a Pan-European Open Innovation Network and invite their community partners.


Showcase benefits

Take a chance to present your organisation and connect with new SMEs and Big corporations


Present your region

Show the innovative character of your region


Which type of organisations PITCCH is collaborating with?

Regional authorities

Regional and local offices for Industry

Regional and local offices for entrepreneurship

Chamber of Commerce 

Local offices supporting companies

Network organisations

Local and national networks

Cluster organisations

National Associations




Join the Platform


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