PITCCH presented in Sustainable Nanofabrication Networking event

PITCCH will be presented, on the 7th July, at the event on Sustainable Nanofabrication Networking hosted at INL between 5th and 7th July at INL, Braga, Portugal. SUSNANOFAB and NanoFabNet joined forces to host a networking event that includes a panel of speakers from the industry, innovation and research arena, in sessions dedicated to all the stakeholders in the sustainable nanofabrication value chain.


The 3-day programme includes:


  • A panel dedicated to industry, innovation and research, composed of renowned speakers addressing hot topics on sustainable nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing;
  • Brokerage sessions to explore potential business and technological collaboration opportunities in the nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing ecosystem;
  • A co-creation session to assess the impact of the proposed actions and stimulate implementation ideas within the “SUSNANOFAB Roadmap for an EU wide strategy on nanofabrication”;
  • Training sessions in safe and sustainable by Design and Standardization;
  • Launch of the NanoFabNet Hub;
  • Poster sessions throughout the whole programme.


SMEs, startups and companies will be able to participate in the brokerage sessions, to match their technological needs with the most advanced technologies and the world-class facilities currently available.


Be part of this joint initiative to strengthen networks while exploring technologies to uptake sustainable nanofabrication solutions!


This is an in-person event, so if you’re visiting Braga and you want to participate, register here.


Register here

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