PITCCH is establishing the collaboration with Enel

PITCCH is expanding and aiming to establish new collaborations with other partners and initiatives. From now on PITCCH will start the collaboration with Enel sharing a common goal towards the successful future of Open Innovation. Enel has created a crowdsourcing platform Open Innovability® with the capacity to attract and process the most innovative solutions that respond to the main challenges of innovative and sustainable development. This is the place for start-ups, entrepreneurs, researchers, companies, individuals – anyone who aspires to create solutions that can transform the world in a sustainable way. PITCCH and ENEL will cross-promote open innovation challenges by leveraging the passion for technology and innovation together.

Let’s meet the first challenge by ENEL. They are looking for a new design for a sustainable street cabinet (a built-in container for the distribution of electricity containing new diagnostic devices and tools), which must have innovative features in design and materials, incorporating the principles of circular economy and able to respond to a better integration into the surrounding environment (urban and rural environment) The new design must ensure the complete observance of the technical and safety regulations currently in adoption for its use and installation. Its dimensions must also take into account the need to contain all the equipment internally required.

Apply by 21 of September, get a reward up to 30.000 euros.


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