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Challenge Description

SPIE is an international business specialising in the installation of electrical and other infrastructure systems. We have a vision for the integration, analysis and visualization of data stemming from those systems to inform users, and we want to codevelop this with you!
The ultimate vision is for a [open] platform, serving multiple sectors across European markets and will support businesses in understanding and managing their energy use, contributing to the delivery of societal and sustainability goals.
In this challenge, we want to undertake a proof of concept just for buildings, which we are calling ODYSSEE. This involves gathering information/data, integrating it, analysing it and visualising it for our ultimate customers to help

Challenge Journey

Tentative timeline for the 3rd challenge launch
Call for corporate
20 December – 21 February
1 March
Call for solution
7 March - 26 April
26 April – 10 May
Pitch Days

May 2022