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Challenge Description

Eternis is a global manufacturer of flavour and fragrance compounds. The corporate is looking for an SME or start-up to create value from the ‘aroma’ by-product that is generated during their manufacturing process and normally incinerated as waste. They seek a biotransformation approach to reduce the amount of material that is normally sent to be burnt and by doing so reduce their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Join te Platfrom to see the full challenge.
Challenge and the problem that the challenge addresses

Waste material derived from organic liquid phase chemical reaction contains the following products by percentage along with other aromatic/nonaromatic compounds.
– Methanol 17%
– Octyl Octanoate 14%
– Dibenzyl ether 9%
– C15+ Ketones and Aldehydes (mixed) 9%
– Benzaldehyde dibenzyl acetal 8%
– Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde diol 8%
– Hexyl cinnamic aldehyde and octanal adducts 6%
The problem is how to transform this mixture or part of this mixture into a product or product which can add value and reduce the volume sent for incineration. Our preference would be to look at biotransformation either as the main feedstock or mixed with other natural organic materials.

Challenge Journey

Tentative timeline for the 3rd challenge launch
Call for corporate
20 December – 21 February
1 March
Call for solution
7 March - 26 April
26 April – 10 May
Pitch Days

May 2022