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The EU made the commitment to cut CO2 emissions from non-ETS sectors by 2030 by 30% and liquid fuels will still represent 93% of all energy used in transport. Therefore, the EU needs to use all means at its disposal to reduce the carbon footprint of existing technologies. One of the options is to raise the octane number of petrol to RON >100. Using higher RON fuels would provide an energy saving of at least 7% and 20 million fewer tons of CO2 from petrol engine cars annually, while also improving air quality. The current challenge aims to achieve this goal through the development of a new family of more efficient Bio-additives alternative to Bio-ethers, which are currently the preferred choice of O&G industry to raise the fuel octane number

Challenge info
Award €25.000
Technologies Industrial Biotechnology
Deadline 5 March 2021

Challenge Journey

Deadline for proposals 28 Jan - 1 Mar, 2021
Finalists List March 15, 2021
Applications. Stage 2 April 7, 2021
WinNers announcement May 2021
To respond to a challenge an SME or a Startup should register on the PITCCH Platform and fill in the application form. Be an SME or a Startup according to EU definition.
Submit your solution and get a chance to win an award of €25k and 40h free consultancy services.

Submissions will be accepted until Monday,
March 1st at 23:59pm CET.
Finalists List
This Stage 1 allows evaluating that SMEs/Startups satisfy a set of minimum requirements and to make a screening of the most promising technology solution offer. The outcome of Stage 1 is the selection of fifteen (15) SMEs/start-ups per challenge that will be invited to the application stage 2. The evaluation of stage 1 will be carried out by the members of the PITCCH consortium.

Finalists of each challenge will receive a notice
from PITCCH team by Monday, March 15th at
23:59pm CET.
Applications, stage 2
After the finalists for each challenge will be defined, they would be asked to complete their application forms with extra information that will be requested by the companies per each challenge.
They can complete their application through the PITCCH platform.

Final applications must be submitted by
8 Wednesday, April 7th 2021 at 23.59 pm CET
Evaluation process
Winners for each challenge will be invited to pitch their ideas to big corporations.
The event will take part online.
The winner of each challenge will receive an award of €25k and 40h free consultancy services.

May 2021

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