Book one to one sessions with big corporations

In this new round of corporate challenges’ submission proposals, SMEs and Startups are welcome to book 1:1 sessions with Big Corporations!

If you would like to understand in more detail any aspect of the challenges launched by Big Corporations (Repsol, HAMM+HUMMEL, Galp and Eternis), you have now an opportunity to clarify your doubts.


These 4 companies will be available in specific slots (please see the info below), to answer questions and elaborate on the details that an SME might need to know to reply to a challenge.


The sessions will be held by Big Corporations and will last 15 minutes for each SME/Startup.


If you are willing to participate in one of the following sessions and learn more about a specific challenge, book a slot by contacting us at





Tuesday the 19th of April 15-17 BST (16-18 CEST)


20th of April 12 – 13 (CEST) and 18 -19  (CEST)


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